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Apala Majumdar


I am a Reader in Applied Mathematics and EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath.

I hold a MSci degree in Mathematics and Physics and a doctorate in applied mathematics from the University of Bristol, UK. My research has been supported by independent research fellowships: the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 fellowship (2006-2008, University of Oxford), Oxford Centre for Collaborative Applied Mathematics research fellowship (2008-2011, University of Oxford) and EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellowship (2011 - present).

I, broadly speaking, work on mathematical modelling in materials science and industrial applied mathematics. My research programme intersects different areas of mathematics such as continuum mechanics, calculus of variations, analysis and scientific computation and the main areas of work are : mathematical foundations of liquid crystal theory, theory of defects in condensed matter systems and modelling of liquid crystal displays in collaboration with industry. More generally, I also works on variational problems in related areas e.g. nonlinear elasticity, colloidal systems and nanoparticle systems. My work is interdisciplinary in nature and I actively collaborate with theoretical physicists and chemists in Europe and North America.

I am a member of the Centre for Nonlinear Mechanics at the University of Bath, which is an interdisciplinary research center with members from across the Faculty of Science in Bath and other British universities.


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