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Jonathan Dawes


My research falls generally within the field of applied mathematics and is best described as `applied dynamical systems'.

I use a variety of techniques including bifurcation theory and multiple-scale asymptotics to understand the dynamics of an excitingly broad variety of physical and biological systems.

I have worked on problems in symmetric dynamical systems theory, pattern formation, the fluid mechanics of thermal convection, viscous fluid coiling, the stick-slip dynamics of sliding interfaces, mathematical epidemiology and population dynamics.

Recent and current projects include:

  • localised states in pattern-forming systems
  • dynamics near robust heteroclinic cycles
  • instabilities in thin liquid crystal films
  • functional responses in predator-prey models
  • information spread over networks

I am Director of the Bath Institute for Mathematical Innovation (Bath IMI) which supports mathematical activities across campus and develops collaborative projects between mathematical sciences and other departments, and with external partner organisations.

I am also currently Deputy Director of the Centre for Networks and Collective Behaviour (CNCB).

Further information can be found on my personal home page.


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