Department of Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics and Physics undergraduate student wins student idea competition

Fri Jun 24 12:22:00 BST 2016

Azhar Jamal was voted one of the winners of the JISC Student Ideas Competition with an idea for an app that quizzes your knowledge on course-specific content.

The annual competition welcomes ideas on how to use technology to improve the student experience and student skills. For a few weeks people vote based on a short video and a description of the projects each team submitted.


Azhar's project is an app called 'Stuiz'. It's based on the idea that we perform better when we enjoy the way we're learning and aims to find a way to make revision fun.

Stuiz gives students the chance to challenge each other and compete on the same modules. The app would also shape and personalise your revision more efficiently. After each round the app will gather data and will show you in which areas you are weaker and tailor future quizzes to help improve those areas.

Watch a short video about Stuiz.

Developing the app

Azhar's project passed through the first stage of the competition with the highest number of votes.

All fifteen winning teams received a grant to attend a four-day planning event in August. They will attend various workshops that will help the students improve their creative, research and entrepreneurial skills. During this time they are going to be able to further develop their project.

The best ideas from the event will receive additional funding to collaborate with Jisc. Provided with support and later a developer, students are going to see their project turn into product.