Department of Mathematical Sciences

NERC Fellowship awarded to develop new ways of estimating flood risk

Wed Nov 29 10:59:00 GMT 2017

RiverFlow Dr Ilaria Prosdocimi has been awarded an Industrial Innovation Fellowship from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). She will receive £300,000 for her research on ‘Developing innovative flood frequency estimation for a resilient nation (DIFFER)’. 

The project aims to develop innovative statistical methods to estimate flood risk across the UK based on existing but under-utilised records. It has a special focus on the identification of possible increases in flood frequencies in the recent years. The project will rely on the collaboration with governmental and industry partners. 

Ilaria hopes the work will build on strong ties with Dr Thomas Kjeldsen in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, to foster more multi-disciplinary work.

Ilaria said: “I am of very excited to have been given this great opportunity by NERC. The fellowship covers a span of time as long as a PhD which is a very long time to be able to focus on research.”