Department of Mathematical Sciences

Success for the Department at the Maths Staff Awards

Mon May 15 16:32:00 BST 2017

At the recent Maths Staff Awards ceremony, which was organised by Mathematics Students and the Staff Student Liaison Committee a number of students and staff in our Department achieved recognition.

The following staff won awards after being nominated by students:

  • Best teaching of a compulsory module: Alastair Craw
  • Best teaching of a Pure module: Karsten Matthies
  • Best teaching of an applied module: Euan Spence and Kit Yates
  • Best supervisor: Melina Freitag
  • Best supporting staff: Emma Cliffe and Tess Thomas
  • Best personal tutor: Merrilee Hurn
  • Award for unbounded enthusiasm in their field: Tim Rogers
  • Award for going to great lengths for their students: Theresa Smith

Students also nominated their tutors for going above and beyond in the cause of tutoring.

The winning nominations were:

  • 2nd year tutors: Kieran Jarrett, Tom Crawley, James Green,
  • 1st year tutors: Martin Prigent, Phil Hanson, Izzy Stacey, James Williams, Peter Gracar.