Department of Mathematical Sciences

Success for the Department at the Maths Staff Awards

15 May 2017

At the recent Maths Staff Awards ceremony, which was organised by Mathematics Students and the Staff Student Liaison Committee a number of students and staff in our Department achieved recognition.

The following staff won awards after being nominated by students:

  • Best teaching of a compulsory module: Alastair Craw
  • Best teaching of a Pure module: Karsten Matthies
  • Best teaching of an applied module: Euan Spence and Kit Yates
  • Best supervisor: Melina Freitag
  • Best supporting staff: Emma Cliffe and Tess Thomas
  • Best personal tutor: Merrilee Hurn
  • Award for unbounded enthusiasm in their field: Tim Rogers
  • Award for going to great lengths for their students: Theresa Smith

Students also nominated their tutors for going above and beyond in the cause of tutoring.

The winning nominations were:

  • 2nd year tutors: Kieran Jarrett, Tom Crawley, James Green,
  • 1st year tutors: Martin Prigent, Phil Hanson, Izzy Stacey, James Williams, Peter Gracar.