Department of Mathematical Sciences

The unpublished work of Alan Turing

Wed Apr 27 16:19:00 BST 2016

On Wednesday 13 April, Professor Jonathan Dawes delivered his inaugural lecture titled ‘What Alan Turing Instituted’.


During the lecture, Jonathan talked about Alan Turing’s unpublished work. Alan Turing is best known for his work in the foundations of computing and his codebreaking activities. However, the last three years of his life were devoted to the mathematical modelling of biological problems, and the question of the spontaneous emergence of biological structure. 

Jonathan explained how it is essential to study the re-discovered ideas and notes in Turing’s unpublished archive material in order to fully understand the extent of his thinking.

JDawes-lecture2Before joining Bath in 2009, Jonathan spent 15 years at Cambridge, starting as an undergraduate and progressing to a Royal Society University Research Fellow.

He currently combines his research in the field of applied dynamical systems with being Director of the    Bath Institute for Mathematical Innovation and also Deputy Director of the Centre for Networks and Collective Behaviour.

The Inaugural Lecture Series showcases and celebrates the Faculty’s new professors with lectures held throughout the year. Professor Robert Kelsh will deliver the next lecture on Wednesday 23 November.