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Equality, diversity and inclusion are embedded into the ethos of SAMBa; we believe a diverse cohort leads to creativity, exciting research, and impact. Diversity is not something that should be forced, but developed from an inclusive and supportive culture, which makes everyone feel welcome. This is integral to the expectation we have that our cohort will not only support each other, but learn from each other.

I am very pleased to see that SAMBa is genuinely seeking to build diversity, encouraging students to consider PhD programmes here and elsewhere, making young people aware of how exciting this field can be and providing a supportive, encouraging and stimulating environment for their students.
Professor Caroline Colijn, Chair of the SAMBa Advisory and Monitoring Board

SAMBa, and the department of Mathematical Sciences are actively promoting cultural change in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion and are embedded into University and UK establised networks for ED&I. We are also supported in this endeavour through funding from EPSRC which will enable the good practice developed in SAMBa to be shared with the UK research community.

We welcome suggestions for activities to further promote ED&I.  

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