Department of Mathematical Sciences

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You are part of SAMBa from the moment you accept! SAMBa students are supported throughout their PhD, and we begin with a number of activities to ensure a dynamic cohort atmosphere from day one.

Reading list

Once you have been accepted onto the SAMBa course, you will be invited back to the University for a meeting with the SAMBa team. At this stage, you will meet your assigned first-year supervisor and cofactor and will work with them to develop a tailored reading programme which the student is expected to complete before starting the SAMBa course in order to have the best chance to hit the ground running.


Every SAMBa student will be assigned a student co-factor in their first year, and will be expected to act as a co-factor to incoming students in their second year. Co-factors will have a mentoring role, in guiding new students through challenges they may face during SAMBa, introducing them to the University and the Department, and aiding them in developing research strategies. It is hoped that the co-factor relationship will last throughout the SAMBa experience and beyond.


During induction week, SAMBa students will be part of the standard University induction as well as having SAMBa specific social and scientific events. This will include talks given from the previous-year’s students on their thesis formulation reports and will be a chance for the SAMBa cohort to get to know each other.

Other departmental activities

There are a number of activities within the department which SAMBa students are encouraged to participate in, as appropriate.

High performance computing

SAMBa students have access to the University’s high-performance computing service, Balena.