Department of Mathematical Sciences

Industrial Applied Mathematics

Industry provides a wealth of stimulating and challenging quantitative scientific problems. Many of these can be tackled using applied mathematics and numerical computation; this leads not just to satisfying applications of the mathematical ideas but often also provokes new questions and lines of research.

Examples of recent research collaborations include work on problems as diverse as freezing fish, safety problems in nuclear reactors, corrosion of metals, digital communications, 'squealing' in railway bogies, coal burning, and food digestion.

Staff in Mathematical Sciences regularly take part in European Study Group with Industry meetings (and Bath has hosted a Study Group in the past) and work with industry in a variety of ways: for example the department has an excellent record in facilitating Industrial CASE PhD studentships in which research students spend periods of time seconded to an industrial partner who is an enthusiastic supporter of the research programme undertaken for the PhD.

A storm about to hit South West England in April 2012.
A storm about to hit South West England in April 2012.

The research environment for Industrial Applied Mathematics is enriched by the MSc in Modern Applications of Mathematics run by the Department. This course is strongly supported by industry through the placements and projects that students undertake, with many companies represented on the course's Industrial Advisory Board.

Within the University, we maintain close links with the Departments of Mechanical, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering. These links include joint projects and jointly supervised research students.

For details of the mathematical techniques used in these settings, please refer to the sections describing our research interests in the following areas: