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Chris Bannister

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Room: 4E 3.46
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 384970

Dr Chris Bannister

MEng (Hons) PhD


Dr Bannister was awarded his MEng in Mechanical Engineering and PhD by the University of Bath and has been leading research into alternative fuels within the Powertrain and Vehicle Research Centre since his appointment as an RCUK Fellow in June 2007. He was appointed Senior Lecturer in December 2014.


Dr Bannister has been leading research into biodiesel within the Powertrain and Vehicle Research Centre since June 2007, working closely with the Ford Motor Company and BP on projects of mutual interest. He has numerous years experience in diesel engine testing and development on both transient engine test cells and on the chassis rolls dynamometer obtaining extensive expertise in accurate emissions and fuel consumption measurement.

Dr Bannister was appointed in June 2007 as an RCUK Academic fellow with additional matched funding from the Ford Motor Company with the mandate of building biodiesel research within the Powertrain and Vehicle Research Centre (PVRC). Key research areas include:

  • Biodiesel studies
    • Vehicle trials examining blend ratio and temperature effects
    • Impact of feedstock on FAME properties
    • Impact on aftertreatment systems
    • Oxidation stability
    • Oil dilution issues
    • On-board sensors to determine blend ratio and FAME type
    • Combustion characteristics and optimisation.
  • Exhaust system thermal modelling for accurate catalyst light-off predictions
  • Time alignment of transient emissions data for accurate measurement of catalyst conversion efficiencies
  • Impacts of lubricating oil viscometric properties on vehicle fuel consumption
  • Engine oil aeration issues
  • Evaluation and modelling of passive NOx conversion in vehicle oxidation catalysts.

Teaching units

  • Thermofluids
  • Internal Combustion Engine Technology
  • Powertrains and Transportation Systems.


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