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Dr. Marcelle McManus



Marcelle is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She has a particular interest in sustainability and life cycle impacts. Her research enables her to work with engineers to determine the environmental impact of different systems, with particular regard to renewable energy production.


Marcelle's current research interests include investigating the life cycle environmental impact of various products and systems, primarily related to renewable energy and products. Detailed assessment of the environmental impact of these systems is required in order to ensure we are making the best, most effective use of the resources we have.

Specifically, she is interested in the use of Life Cycle Assessment to determine the impact of various micro energy generating systems, the production and use of bioenergy, carbon capture and the production of renewable materials.

Marcelle is involved with a number of research consortia, which effectively enable her to pursue her research interests.

Marcelle's other research interests include process and product improvement through the use of LCA within industry. She aims to use her research collaborations to further her LCA and sustainable energy research, and to enable her to identify the least environmentally damaging mechanisms to replace our current reliance on fossil fuels.

Teaching units

  • ME40055: Energy & the environment (Unit Co-ordinator)
  • ME40329: Materials for energy and transport
  • AR40425: Materials engineering and construction
  • Third year group business & design project
  • Final year engineering project.


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