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Dr Kevin Robinson



Dr Robinson has undertaken detailed research into heat transfer mechanisms occurring inside the cooling passages of IC engines for many years. The technical motivation for this work arose in response to difficulties in predicting correct heat transfer rates with newly introduced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling tools, which limited the accuracy of modelling methods and the achievements of new engine designs. The research has included investigations into the effects of undeveloped flow, surface roughness, vibration and nucleate boiling with binary coolants and nanofluids.

Dr Robinson has continued to research all aspects of heat transfer in IC engines and also diversified into other areas involved with experimental heat transfer, including vehicle braking systems and exhaust catalysts. He is currently involved in two EPSRC funded experimental programmes, one looking at thermal modelling of exhaust catalysts using a new technique and the other looking at heat transfer and gas leakage in Gas Turbines using liquid crystals and a tracer gas. Kevin is also collaborating on another UKERK project concerned with industrial power generation, and has a Knowledge Transfer collaboration with a major diesel engine manufacturer.

Teaching units

  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Group Design and Business Project
  • Formula Student
  • MEng final year and MSc projects.


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