Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr Carl Sangan

Contact details

Room: 4E 3.16
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 383316

PhD supervision

Interested in supervising students studying:

  • Gas turbine technologies
  • Fluid dynamics and heat transfer
  • Rotating systems
  • Thermal imaging techniques

Dr Carl Sangan



Dr Carl Sangan is a Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering and the Deputy-Director of the Turbomachinery Research Centre.

His research area is gas turbine engineering, with a particular interest in experimental and theoretical modelling of the flow and heat transfer in rotating disc systems.

Carl obtained an MEng (Hons) in Aerospace Engineering, followed by a PhD in the field of turbomachinery. On graduation he continued as a post-doctoral researcher, before being awarded the University Prize Fellowship in Gas Turbine Engineering in 2012. Carl became a lecturer at the University in 2014 and a Senior Lecturer in 2017.


Carl's current research focuses on improving the efficiency of gas turbines for power generation and aerospace engines. He currently leads research programmes involving the application of optical methods to enhance understanding of the interaction mechanisms between gas turbine cooling systems and the mainstream gas-path.

Although predominantly funded by EPSRC, much of his work is closely linked to Siemens, where modelling approaches developed from the work are being integrated directly within the company’s design methodology.

Areas of interest across the broader theme of turbomachinery include:

  • modelling of hot-gas ingestion through turbine rim seals
  • mainstream gas-path aerodynamics and the interaction with the secondary air system
  • heat transfer in compressor cavities
  • development of novel shaft sealing technologies
  • film cooling of turbine blades
  • cooled radial turbomachinery

Awards and prizes

  • 2011 ASME IGTI Heat Transfer Committee Best Paper Award
  • 2016 ASME IGTI Dilip R. Ballal Award
  • 2016 University of Bath John Willis Award for Teaching

Teaching units

  • Aircraft propulsion (ME30218)
  • Aerospace group business & design project (ME30313/ME40314)
  • Final year engineering project (ME40321)


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