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Centre for Orthopaedic Biomechanics

cob-teamThe Centre for Orthopaedic Biomechanics was established in 2001 as a resource for multidisciplinary research, providing a bridge between engineering and clinical orthopaedics.

The Centre has a large number of collaborative research activities with other academic and clinical institutions and orthopaedic surgeons in the UK and Europe.

Research focus

We also have strong collaborative research activities with major international orthopaedic and medical device companies, including a resource for pre-clinical validation of devices for the industry.

In addition to supporting a wide range of PhD student projects, we also host short-term visiting researchers undertaking research projects associated with other institutions.

The Centre hosts an annual one-day Biomechanics Symposium focusing on one of our main research themes.

Our current and recent research projects are in the following broad areas:

Contact us

Tel: +44 (0) 1225 386368


Further details


The Centre has excellent laboratory facilities to support experimental research projects:

  • Specimen preparation and material characterisation facilities
  • Rheometer
  • Servo-hydraulic and screw driven materials testing machines
  • Spinal and knee kinematic test rigs.

In addition, our researchers have access within the Department of Mechanical Engineering to other facilities such as rapid prototyping and advanced manufacturing processes and, in the near future, access to a Micro-CT scanner and Laser Vibrometer.

Staff and students

Core staff

Research officers

Research students

Visiting academic staff

  • Professor Grey Giddins, Visiting Professor, Royal United Hospital, Bath
  • Dr Tim Holsgrove, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Dr Patrick Magee, Visiting Senior Lecturer, Royal United Hospital, Bath
  • Professor Michael Manley, Visiting Professor, Chief Scientific Advisor, Stryker Orthopaedics, USA
  • Professor Hans Schmotzer, Visiting Professor, Director SigmaRC GmbH, Switzerland

Visiting research staff

  • Dr Tim Adlam, Visiting Research Fellow, Bath Institute of Medical Engineering
  • Dr Emilie Crosnier, Visiting Research Fellow, JRI Orthopaedics Ltd
  • Dr Bernd P Grimm, Visiting Research Fellow, Atrium Medical Centre, Heerlen, The Netherlands
  • Professor Ide Heyligers, Visiting Research Fellow, Atrium Medical Centre, Heerlen, The Netherlands
  • Mr John Timperley, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Centre, Exeter
  • Mr Andrew Toms, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Centre, Exeter
  • Dr Sabrina Jauch-Matt, Visiting Research Fellow, Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH
  • Dr Samantha Mickelwright (nee Wright) , Visiting Research Fellow, Trainee Clinical Scientist, Salisbury District Hospital

Affiliated staff

Associated theses

Name Thesis title
Dr Abdullah Alshuhri (PhD 2016) Non-invasive diagnostic techniques for the detection of acetabular component loosening in total hip replacement
Dr Jason Forder (PhD 2016) Growing implants for the treatment of early onset scoliosis
Dr Samantha Wright (PhD 2015) Strain Distribution in the Tibia as a function of applied loading through a revision total knee replacement
Dr Christopher Brampton (PhD 2015) Applications of level set topology optimisation
Dr Emilie Crosnier (PhD 2015) Initial stability of press-fit acetabular components in total hip replacements
Dr Lisa Coles (PhD 2015) Functional kinematic study of knee replacement: the effect of implant design and alignment on the patellofemoral joint
Dr Sarah Sydney (PhD 2013) Investigation of fixation and fluid pressure on acetabular cup fixation
Dr Tim Adlam (PhD 2012) The design of compliant seating for children with severe whole body extensor spasms
Dr Tim Holsgrove (PhD 2012) A dynamic pre-clinical testing protocol for intervertebral disc replacement devices
Dr Robin Long (PhD 2012) The biomechanics of hinged total knee replacements: An in vitro comparative evaluation of five protheses
Dr Michael Ayers (PhD 2011) Understanding impaction grafting: a numerical and experimental approach
 Dr Toby Jameson (PhD 2010) Development of pre-clinical testing of immediate post-operative stability of uncemented stemmed-implants used in total hip arthroplasty
 Dr Shiying Hao (PhD 2010) An implantable electronic system for in vivo stability evaluation of prostheses in total hip and knee arthroplasty
 Dr Mark Mitchell (PhD 2009) The development of a bioreactor for the tissue engineering of anterior cruciate ligaments
Dr Ruggero Gabbrielli (PhD 2009) Foam geometry and structural design of porous material
Dr Francis Baxter (PhD 2009) Electrically active ceramics for bone graft substitution
 Dr Hazel Boyd (PhD 2009) Measurement of functional wrist motion
Mr Paul Drayton (MPhil 2009) Biomechanical investigation of tendon repair
Mr John Vickerstaffe (MPhil 2008) The influence of design on the wear of total ankle replacement
Mr Andreas Macchetta (MPhil 2008) Fabrication and analysis of highly porous hydroxyapatite/tricalcium phosphate ceramics via the implementation of a novel freeze casting technique
Dr Siu Yan Mak (PhD 2007) Mechanical factors influencing impaction bone grafting
Dr Jeremy Clements (PhD 2006) Design and development of pre-clinical hip stem stability testing methods
Dr Jerry Lin (PhD 2006) Mathematical modelling of the human cardiopulmonary system
Dr Sam Blakemore (PhD 2006) Development and application of testing techniques to assess the integrity of film coated pharmaceutical tablets
Dr Mark Schmitz (PhD 2005) Exploration of mechanical factors in the failure of femoral hip implants
Dr Jon Gittings (PhD 2005) Fabrication and properties of novel open porous calcium phosphate bioceramics
Dr Dan Sirkett (PhD 2004) Investigating the influence of contact area on carpal bone motion
Dr Emma Williams (PhD 2004) Materials properties of conventional urinary catheters and a new design of catheter with a braided structure
Dr Brian Casey (PhD 2003) Novel fabrication techniques for the production of porous biphasic calcium phosphate ceramics for bone substitute application
Dr Bernd P Grimm (PhD 2003) Mechanical properties of morsellised bone graft and synthetic graft extenders for impaction grafting
Dr Gerard Insley (PhD 2003) The characterisation of next generation ceramic bearings for orthopaedic hip applications
Year Theme Keynote speakers
2005 Hand and Wrist Biomechanics Professor Tony Unsworth, Mr Ian Trail
2006 Pre-Clinical Validation of Orthopaedic Implants Dr Minoo Esat, Professor John Fisher, Professor Mike Manley, Mr John Timperley
2007 Biomaterials in the Reconstruction of the Musculo-Skeletal System Professor Christina Doyle, Professor Allen Goodship, Professor Bruce Caterson, Professor Kevin Shakesheff
2008 Technological Advances in Clinical Orthopaedics Professor Michael Freeman, Professor Justin Cobb, Professor Michael Manley
2009 Hip & Knee Replacement - Challenges of the Future Mr Andy Toms, Dr Mark Kester, Professor Ian Learmonth, Dr Richie Gill
2010 Biomechanics of the Spine - Engineering & Clinical Advances Professor Mike Adams, Dr Geoffrey Andrews, Dr Trish Dolan, Mr Ioannis Karnezis
2011 Anatomy, Kinematics & Function. Advances in the goals of total joint arthroplasty Professor Michael Wroblewski, Dr Tom Joyce, Professor Michael Manley, Mr Andrew Toms, Professor Ian Learmonth
2012 Early Intervention - Reducing costs of healthcare in the long term? Professor David Murray, Mr Peter Schranz, Mr Matthew Wilson, Dr Bernd Grimm
2013 Beyond Compliance - Post-Implant Clinical Release Surveillance Mr Keith Tucker, Dr Steven Kurtz, Professor David Beverland, Professor Tom Joyce
2014 Current Issues and Future Opportunities in Orthopaedic Research Professor Philip Noble, Dr Oliver Kessler, Professor Marco Viceconti, Professor Gordon Bannister
2015 Challenges to Innovation in Orthopaedics Professor Hani Haider, Dr Neil McGuire, Professor Nick Bishop, Mr Martyn Porter
2016 50 Years of Musculo-Skeletal Research-Lessons learned and future
Professor Michael Morlock, Professor Ian Learmonth, Professor Phil Noble, Dr Tom Bauer