Department of Mechanical Engineering

Orthopaedic biomaterials

Project Author(s) Dates
The Biomechanics of the cartilage. Full project details >> Kinga Czerbak, Dr Sabina Gheduzzi, Dr Sally Clift 2014-continuing
Stem cell expansion in a fluidised bed bioreactor for accelerated osseointegration of bone substitute material. Full project details >> Ian Benzeval, Dr Marianne Ellis, Dr Irene Turner 2012-continuing
The use of structural optimisation to predict changes in the architecture of cancellous bone surrounding prosthetic implants. Full project details >> Christopher Brampton, Dr James Cunningham, Dr Alicia Kim 2009-continuing
Mechanical testing of cement on cement in relation to revision hip arthroplasty procedures. Dr Tim Holsgrove, A Pentlow, Professor Tony Miles 2012-2013
Testing the mechanical integrity of tablet coatings. Sponsor: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Dr Frances R Baxter, Dr Irene Turner 2008-2009
Bone substitute research. Sponsors: Furlong Charitable Research Foundation and Stryker Orthopaedics. Dr Yu-Hsiu Hsu, Dr Irene Turner, Professor Tony Miles 2006-2009
Porous and piezoelectric bioceramics for bone graft substitution. Dr Frances R Baxter, Dr Jonathan Gittings, Dr Irene Turner, Professor Chris Bowen, Professor Julian Chaudhuri 2005-2008
Fabrication and compatibility testing of a new generation of structural bioceramic bone graft substitutes. Dr Yu-Hsiu Hsu, Dr Irene Turner, Professor Tony Miles 2003-2005
Design of porous structures. Ruggero Gabbrielli, Professor Chris Bowen, Dr Irene Turner 2006-2009