Department of Mechanical Engineering

Air charge management - Turbo Centre

In cooperation with Ford Motor Co. Ltd, Jaguar LandRover Ltd., Cummins Turbo Technologies Ltd.


The automotive industry is under pressure to reduce fuel consumption in vehicles to meet environmental targets and to reduce running costs for consumers.

The Centre for Powertrain and Vehicle Research (PVRC) has developed significant knowledge in air charge management systems, and this Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) project aimed to transfer this knowledge and apply it within industry.


The PVRC team at Bath worked closely with its industrial partners - Ford, Jaguar LandRover and Cummins Turbo Technologies - to refine the systems that had been developed and to embed into industry a set of tools designed to accelerate and improve the process of designing turbocharged engine systems.

Benefits and outcomes

The introduction of turbo charged engine systems results in vehicles which use less fuel, without losing power.

This allows the automotive industry to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the running costs of a vehicle for the consumer. Research and development of this nature also gives the companies involved in the project a competitive edge in the sector, potentially allowing business growth.

The current KTA project has further developed the existing relationship between Bath and its industry collaborators, and a second phase of research and development is planned for spring 2013.