Department of Mechanical Engineering

Energy improvements in generating sets

In cooperation with Cummins Power Generation (CPG).


Cummins Power Generation (CPG) is a world leader in diesel and gas engine-based generator system design and supply, and were keen to improve the fuel efficiency of their systems with the aim of enhancing their market position and to enable their customers to benefit from fuel savings and reduced carbon dioxide.

Through working with the University the project aimed to increase the fuel efficiency of the company's generating sets.


The Centre for Powertrain and Vehicle Research (PVRC)team at Bath applied its expertise in systems engineering to the problem, with the aim of identifying potential areas for reducing the loss of energy as heat.

A comprehensive study of candidate technologies was undertaken together with an assessment of the likely benefits in this application.

As a result, a promising technology approach has been developed and a numerical simulation constructed and used to facilitate optimisation studies.

Benefits and outcomes

The project has helped CPG to prioritise effort into the most promising areas in an ongoing research and development activity designed to deliver generator sets with outstanding fuel efficiency.

In addition, the simulation tools developed are being used to investigate the effect of engine, generator and control systems improvements in an integrated environment.

This is essential in applications of this nature where complex system interactions are present.