Department of Mechanical Engineering

Reduced CO2 second generation hybrid system

In cooperation with Ashwoods Automotive Ltd.


Ashwoods Automotive offer hybrid systems for Diesel vans which are fitted to rear and front wheel drive light-commercial vehicles and have been proven to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and fuel costs.

However to make the company's product suitable for the mass-market it was necessary to reduce costs while maintaining the system's carbon dioxide reducing qualities. Through working with the Centre for Powertrain and Vehicle Research (PVRC), the company hoped to improve its second-generation systems.


This Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) project allowed a joint team staffed by Ashwoods Automotive and the PVRC researchers to be set up.

This team took the expertise in powertrain systems and carbon dioxide reduction already developed at Bath and combined it with Ashwood's hybrid product and design expertise to create a unique system that offers a very good cost/benefit ratio.

The system can incorporate a driver training device which is also installed as a stand-alone product.

Benefits and outcomes

As a result of this project, a hybrid system suitable for the mass-market was established and is now being marketed.

This system has lower carbon dioxide emissions, is cheaper to produce and requires less fuel. The newly developed motor has the best cost to performance ratio of any competing product.

In addition, the driver training device has demonstrated significant fuel consumption benefits in fleet trials and is now available commercially.