Department of Mechanical Engineering

Control, simulation and rapid prototyping

PVRC facilities control-and-simulationResearchers within the PVRC are experienced in the development of engine/powertrain models within the MATLAB/Simulink™ modelling environment and have access to a range of toolboxes:

  • MATLAB/Simulink™
  • Real Time Workshop™
  • State flow and State flow Coder Simulink™
  • Accelerator Model-Based Calibration Toolbox™ and CAGE™
  • SimDriveline™
  • Control N
  • Neural networks.

Additionally we have experience of analysing engine performance using industry standard engine cycle simulation packages such as Ricardo WAVE™ and GT Power.

We also have access to a wide range of dSPACE™ rapid prototyping hardware for the development and evaluation of state-of-the-art control strategies. Particular hardware highlights include:

  • DS1005 modular based hardware system
  • DS2211 hardware in the loop card for real-time engine modelling and production/prototype ECU testing
  • DS2201 general purpose multi channel I/O system
  • dSPACE™ Rapidpro system user configurable I/O hardware for rapid integration of prototype controllers within existing vehicle control structure
  • dSPACE™ micro-Autobox for compact near engine/powertrain prototype controller installations
  • DS2001 high speed 5 channel data acquisition card
  • DS2002 multiplexed 32 channel data acquisition card

We also have access to and experience of a wide range of engine calibration tools including ATI Vision calibration tool, ETAS ETK/INCA, and Kleinknecht GREDI.

Additionally, we can develop bespoke CAN measurement capability with access to the CAN message structure using either dSPACE™ or NI based CAN Cards.