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Chassis Dynamometer

Range rover on rolling road testing facilityOur state-of-the-art chassis dynamometer facility aims to bridge the gap between the laboratory and the real world. Combining three key facets, precision, flexibility, and data availability, we are able to observe the interactions between real usage factors and the widest possible range of new technologies.

This facility unites the ability to replicate on-road, real-world driving scenarios with the experimental accuracy and repeatability of the lab environment. It is available to academic groups and industry for a range of activities including:

  • consultancy
  • contract funded and collaborative research
  • fundamental research within the powertrain context
  • technical and environmental assessment of alternative technologies
  • jointly staffed research activities on our site to allow direct access to expertise and facilities.

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Experimental Capabilities


  • 4WD AVL RoadSimTM 48” Chassis Dynamometer.
  • Climatically controlled temperature range of -10°C to +50°C.
  • Humidity control.
  • Near full frontal width road speed fan for representative vehicle cooling of full powertrain system.

Chassis Dynamometer Machine

  • 200kW max total continuous power with 250kW short term 10s overload.
  • Maximum axle load of 2000kg.
  • AVL ‘4x2’ motor-in-the-middle chassis dynamometer configuration.
  • Class-leading, low-parasitic losses, fast response time, high force accuracy and high precision.
  • Inertia simulation range 2WD: 454 to 2722kg, 4WD: 800 to 2722kg.
  • Maximum tractive force ~6kN with ~10kN short term overload.
  • Automatic vehicle centering, heated load cells and rotating trunion bearings.
  • Bleyer rigid vehicle restraint system with vehicle position monitoring.


  • 2 off Horiba MEXA 7000 & 1 off MEXA ONE emissions benches for 3 point raw emissions sampling.
  • Horiba CVS system with bag sampling.
  • Horiba Smooth Approach Orifice (SAO) and CO2 tracer capability for exhaust flow measurement.
  • AVL SESAM i60 FTIR fast dual stream emissions analysers for unregulated emissions and after treatment development.
  • Cambustion DMS500 fast particle size spectrometer.
  • Sierra CP Engineering control system for emissions data capture and reporting.

Robot Driver

  • Stähle Autopilot SAP2000 robot driver.
  • Paddle shift actuators.
  • Rotary gear lever actuator.

Hybrid vehicles

  • 2 off ETPS DC LAB-GSS power supply racks for battery emulation, one 32kW module and one 40kW rack comprised of 2 off 20kW modules.
  • Large flexibility, 0-1200V, 0-100A, or 0-400V, 0-300A, modules can be arranged in any series or parallel combination.
  • 2 expansion slots available in existing racks for additional 32kW modules.

Combustion and electrical power analysis

  • Dewetron portable 32 Channel high bandwidth data acquisition (1MS/s, 16 bit) including 8 channel crank-synchronous combustion and electrical power analysis.

Other Capabilities

  • 4 off Kistler Roadyn P106 single component wheel torque transducers for the measurement and mitigation of variable tyre losses.


  • Industry standard (World Light-duty Test Cycle, New European Driving Cycle, and so on) as well as custom designed test sequences.
  • Access to techniques developed within our ongoing research programmes.
  • Design of experiments and statistical analysis.
  • Full report and electronic data delivery.
  • Outstanding test-to-test repeatability.
  • Access to ECU diagnostic and calibration tools.
  • Variable time delay emissions measurement to enhanced accuracy.
  • Analytical modelling expertise to support experimental programmes.
  • Support from our expert engineering staff within the PVRC.

Vehicle sizes for use on the dynamometer

  • Vehicle track (max/min) 2.3/0.91m (to outside/inside edge of tyres).
  • Vehicle wheelbase (max/min) 4.6/1.8m.
  • Max vehicle height 3m (door height 2.65m - taller vehicles would require slave wheels or other temporary modification for entry/exit)
  • Max vehicle width 3.1m
  • Access ramp 1.5m high by 12.5m long.
  • Other sizes may be accommodated by special arrangement.