Department of Mechanical Engineering

Transmission research

Research areas

Utilising the advanced transmission and powertrain dynamometer facility and the latest computer modelling techniques within the PVRC research projects related to transmissions systems include

Performance evaluation and modelling of novel designs of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs)

  • analysis of system mechanisms
  • development of control strategies
  • analysis and modelling of Elasto Hydrodynamic Lubrication (EHL) traction conditions
  • contact stress modelling.

CVT driven supercharger systems for improved transient response

  • integrated co-simulation using Matlab/Simulink and 1D engine modelling codes such as WAVE & GT-POWER
  • throttling control using supercharger
  • torque converter torsional vibration studies- Modelling in Matlab/Simulink and developing characterisation methodologies on dynamometer. This project aims to understand the inherent mechanical components of torsional dampers and how they may be optimised to achieve desired damping characteristics
  • complete powertrain emulation and optimisation using extensive Dspace HiL capability- advanced real time control process allows complete vehicle and engine emulation to undertake desktop calibration of novel powertrain configurations.



JLR, Ford, GKN drivelines, Intersyn Technologies (USA), Torotrak.