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Hayley Howard



Hayley Howard is a Research Officer and PhD student working with the SUPERGEN Hi-DEF and Transition Pathways consortia, respectively. She specialises in the life cycle assessment (LCA) of centralised clean coal-fired power generation options and various decentralised energy systems in a UK context.


Hayley’s PhD was in collaboration with the Phase 1 E.On/EPSRC Transition Pathways project and looks at the prospects for clean coal technologies in a low carbon UK energy mix, using life cycle assessment to measure their potential to meet 2050 climate targets in the UK and beyond. Her primary focus has been on carbon capture and storage systems but also covers CHP, co-firing with biomass and other waste materials in coal-fired power stations.

As a Research Officer with SUPERGEN Hi-DEF, Hayley has used life cycle assessment to analyse the environmental performance of decentralised systems on a household and community-based scale; focusing on solar PV, micro-CHP, air-source heat pumps and solar hot water systems in different configurations.


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