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Dr Jonathan Norman

MEng(Hons) PhD


Jonathan is a Research Fellow within the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He has a general interest in energy-related research, with a particular focus on the use of energy within the industrial sector and the opportunities that exist for reducing this energy use, including material efficiency.


Jonathan’s current research is funded by the UK Indemand project, a national research centre for reducing industrial energy and material use in supplying UK needs. The project involves the University of Bath, University of Cambridge, University of Leeds, Nottingham Trent University, and a number of industrial partners. It is one of five 'centres of excellence' funded by the Research Councils UK Energy Programme in the area of end use energy demand.

Bath is leading the following workpackages within the project:

  • Examination of trends and economics drivers: to identify the energy, material and emissions consequences of evolving production structures and to link material demand to provision of final services
  • Exergy analysis of a UK circular economy: to determine how thermodynamic limits constrain future material systems and identify potential efficiency opportunities through alternative industrial system design
  • Precedence studies and horizon scanning: will interpret lessons from effective demand reduction policies in other contexts, and anticipate emerging influences on the UK energy and industrial system
  • Scenarios and pathways: will be used to anticipate changes in the end use energy demand that would arise from changes to material demand, and the consequences for the national economy and for GHG emissions.

Previously Jonathan has worked as a Research Officer on a UK Energy Research Centre project entitled 'Industrial Energy Use from a Bottom-Up Perspective' and completed a PhD on 'Industrial Energy Use and Improvement Potential'.


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