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The Turbomachinery Research Centre (TRC) investigates the theoretical, computational and experimental modelling of heat transfer and fluid flow related to turbomachinery.

Generally, such research has been undertaken using turbine-based rigs running close to engine-operating conditions. Our approach is to conduct more fundamental work to measure, compute and, most importantly, understand the flow and heat transfer using generic, fully-instrumented experiments, designed for optical access and for thermal-imaging techniques.

The understanding gained from these fundamental investigations assists the interpretation of results for more specific engine conditions and geometries. This, in turn, informs their design.

Contact us

Director: Professor Gary Lock
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 6854

Deputy Director: Dr Carl Sangan
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 3316

Industry links

The Centre has international links with Siemens AG, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd, Rolls-Royce and Cross Manufacturing (1938) Ltd.

Our research is also funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).


  • Theoretical Modelling: flow near rotating compressor and turbine discs, rotating cavities, rotor-stator systems, heat transfer, flow in gas turbine secondary air systems.
  • Experimental Modelling: the design of many rigs to simulate conditions inside gas turbines, including:
    • hot gas ingestion
    • buoyancy induced flow
    • pre-swirl cooling delivery to rotors
    • mainstream gas-path interaction
    • rotating cavities.
  • Computational Modelling: application and validation of in-house and commercial codes to the flow and heat transfer in generic models of gas-turbine internal cooling air systems.

Further details

Title Researchers Supervisors Collaborators and sponsors
Measurements of gas turbine aerodynamics using volumetric particle image velocimetry (V3V) Artur Figueredo Dr David Cleaver and Dr Carl Sangan EPSRC
Experimental modelling of advanced gas turbine rim-seals Fabian Hualca Dr Carl Sangan and Dr James Scobie EPSRC
Computational modelling of hot gas ingestion in a 1.5-stage axial gas turbine Joshua Horwood Dr Mike Wilson and Dr Carl Sangan Siemens AG
Experimental measurements of hot gas ingestion in a 1.5-stage axial turbine rig Marios Patinios Dr Carl Sangan and Professor Gary Lock Siemens/EPSRC
An experimental investigation into the fundamentals of brush seal fluid dynamics Bahareh Pourbagher Aghchehkandi Dr James Scobie and Dr Carl Sangan Cross Manufacturing/ University Scholarship
Development of a film-riding pressure actuated leaf seal Ernesto Pedraza-Valle Dr James Scobie and Dr Carl Sangan Cross Manufacturing/EPSRC
Computational modelling of gas turbine aerodynamics with endwall contouring Neys Schreiner Dr Carl Sangan and Dr Mike Wilson EPSRC/Siemens UK
Modelling buoyancy induced flow in HP compressors Hui Tang Professor Gary Lock and Dr Mike Wilson University Scholarship
Measurements of gas turbine aerodynamics using planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF) Liam Wood Dr Carl Sangan and Dr James Scobie Siemens/University Scholarship