Media Technology Research Centre

Our research centre is made up of academic researchers whose interests include media technologies including computer graphics, vision, and sound. The centre was formed to support collaboration between researchers from various departments within the university, but who share related interests.

We are also linked with the Centre for Digital Entertainment, which is a joint centre between the University of Bath and Bournemouth University.

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Latest News

SIGGRAPH Asia Publication

Mon 19 Dec 2011

New paper appeared in SIGGRAPH Asia 2011. C. Li, O. Deussen, Y. Song, P. Willis, P. Hall, "Modeling and Generating Moving Trees from Video", In Proceedings of the 2011 SIGGRAPH Asia Conference. read more »

CVMP Publication

Fri 16 Dec 2011

New paper appeared in CVMP 2011. C. Li, M. Shaw, D. Pickup, D. Cosker, P. Willis, P. Hall, "Realtime Video Based Water Surface Approximation", In Proc. of CVMP 2011. read more »

ICCV Publication

Wed 10 Aug 2011

New paper to be published in ICCV. D. Cosker, E. Krumhuber and A. Hilton, "A FACS Valid 3D Dynamic Action Unit Database with Applications to 3D Dynamic Morphable Facial Modelling", In Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2011 (to appear). read more »