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The course and academic life

Our teaching staff and their research

Our campus, facilities and societies

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Subject Combinations

The mixture of major and minor subjects have been carefully chosen to lead to coherent and focussed outcomes with the following combinations available.

Major in Chemistry:

  • With biology
  • With pharmacology
  • With physics
  • With biochemistry

Major in Biology:

  • With chemistry and/or mathematical biology
  • With pharmacology
  • With physics

Major in Physics:

  • With chemistry
  • With physical chemistry and biology
  • With biology

Major in Biochemistry

  • With chemistry
  • With molecular biology

Major in Pharmacology (BSc only)

  • With chemistry
  • With biology

Major in Environmental Science (BSc only)

  • With chemistry
  • With biology

Thinking of studying Natural Sciences?

Masters or Bachelors?

The Natural Sciences BSc at the University of Bath allows students to combine subjects throughout the course in order to achieve the wide range of skills and intellectual experience that many employers desire in graduates. The 4-year undergraduate masters (MSci) degree course allows students to study preferred subjects in more depth than is possible within the BSc course. This should be of particular interest to students considering postgraduate research. There is flexibility to switch from one to the other after the first year, or even onto single honours degree course.

For more information on our undergraduate courses, including entry requirements, placement and careers information and other details please see our Course Search.

Building a programme: core subjects and options

At the core of the Nat Sci course are the following internationally renowned departments of science:

  • Biology & Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Physics

You can choose to build on your existing skills from these or from a number of additional fields, including psychology and environmental sciences with choices and combinations playing to your strengths and exploring new possibilities, whilst maintaining a coherence that will enhance your future chances to follow our students into great research and employment positions. BSc students can build up a unique portfolio of courses, whilst Masters students focus in the later years on building strength in depth. You can develop course options using the Natural Sciences web tool in the column on the right.

You will be supported throughout your studies by a full-time Director of Studies and your Personal Tutor.

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Entry requirements and admissions

Optional Placement Year

We offer a fully-supported, one-year professional placement with a prestigious employer after your second year whether you are studying for the BSc or MSci. The professional skills and experience that students gain from a period of placement can be invaluable in helping to find a job later on, and in helping you decide what sort of future role or training (such as postgraduate research) you might take on. Natural Scientists are found in a vast variety of placement roles in industry including pharmaceutical researchers, environmental scientists, game conservancy and many others!

The opportunity to earn a full salary during the programme is another big bonus!

Some Natural Sciences students wish to expand their academic horizons by spending their third year at an overseas university. We have contacts all over the world, and students have spent their third year in many different countries including USA and Australia.


If you are interested in employing a placement student please contact our professional placements officer, Helen Edwards – - or visit our industrial placements page.

Career opportunities

The career opportunities for graduates with this broadly based science degree are very wide. Some students may wish to continue their academic studies in the form of a higher degree either in an interdisciplinary subject such as Environmental Studies, or a specific subject area they found interesting during their degree. For those moving directly into employment, there are many openings in scientific and manufacturing industries, in areas such as research and development, and in management, including marketing and sales, purchasing, patenting and environmental management. For an overview of where Natural Sciences graduates have obtained employment in the past, download the 'First Destination' information from the careers website.