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The Savill Building's timber roof
The Savill Building's timber roof
The Savill Building at Windsor Great Park
The Savill Building at Windsor Great Park

Press Release - 26 November 2007

University staff member wins structural engineering supreme award

The Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence has been awarded to Professor Richard Harris of the University of Bath’s BRE Centre in Innovative Construction Materials (BRE CICM), also Senior Associate at Bath’s Buro Happold Consulting Engineers, at the Institution of Structural Engineers 2007 awards.

The award was made for the structural engineering design of The Savill Building at Windsor Great Park, and in particular for its striking timber roof.

The timber grid shell roof floats above the building’s glazed façade. The structure is formed from two layers of larch laths, separated by timber pieces and braced by thick plywood sheets. Dr Chris Williams, also of BRE CICM, undertook the form-finding modelling to determine the ideal geometry for the roof.

The Savill Building received the award for Arts, Leisure or Entertainment Structures 2007.

The BRE CICM, launched in July 2006, is a research and development partnership between the University’s Faculty of Engineering & Design and the Building Research Establishment Ltd (BRE), the construction industry’s largest research and consultancy agency.

The centre conducts research on a range of innovative construction materials and technologies, including developing the use of advanced fibre composites in construction and research on low carbon building materials, including hemp-lime, timber, and straw bale.

Hemp-lime masonry blocks were used to create the Adnams Brewery Distribution Centre, winner of the David Alsop Sustainability Award for 2007, in a partnership between the University and Lime Technology Ltd. Professor Pete Walker, Director of BRE CICM was a project supervisor.

Visiting Professor Phil Cooper, of Cameron Taylor Bedford engineers, received a commendation for the David Alsop Sustainability Award. The Pines Calyx Centre building includes rammed chalk walls, formed from material excavated from the foot-print of the building. Development testing and consultancy for the rammed chalk was carried out by staff in the BRE CICM.

Buro Happold engineers also collected awards for Sports Structure of the year (The Emirates Stadium), the Heritage Award for Infrastructure (Dresden Railway Station) and a commendation for Heritage Buildings of the year (Baskerville House).

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