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Internal News - 30 November 2007

University decision on the Oakfield Campus

On 29 November 2007, the University’s Council approved a proposal to withdraw from the Oakfield Campus.

In outlining the findings of the Oakfield Strategy Review Group, Professor George Lunt stressed how impressed members of the group had been with the enthusiasm and professionalism of the staff at Oakfield and the success achieved by many of the initiatives there.

It was regrettable that the portfolio of activities did not generate sufficient recurrent income to ensure the sustainability of the Oakfield Campus now that there is no longer the prospect of a larger campus with its ensuing economies of scale.

Council members expressed their appreciation of the contribution made by all the staff at Oakfield and their disappointment that the University had been unable to find a way to maintain the campus.

The timescale and other implementation issues associated with Council’s decision will be subject to a formal consultation with the University’s Oakfield-based staff and their representatives, as well as other key stakeholders, including Swindon Borough Council.

Although the University will not have a campus in Swindon in the future, it will continue to maintain and develop its links with the local schools and colleges, social and health services, and businesses in the Swindon area.