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Internal News - 03 December 2008

New starters in November 2008

The new starters update gives the name, job title and department of all new members of staff at the University who started in the previous month.

Academic Registrar's Department
Graham Waton - Administrative Assistant

Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering
Dr Katharine Beadle - Research Officer

Department of Biology & Biochemistry
Emma Mulhern - Teaching Support Assistant

Department of Chemistry
Dr Gan Dushmanthi Niyadurupola - Teaching Fellow

Department of Education
Karolina Kiepura - Summer School/CEIC Adminstrative Assistant

Department of ESML
Dr Silvano Levy Course - Director: European Stream

Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology
Amit Nathubhai - Research Assistant

Department of Social & Policy Sciences
Caroline Ransford - Administrative Assistant

David Grist - Client Project Manager Caroline Tutton - Cleaner

Finance Office
Georgina Page - Finance Assistant

Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office
Dr Rachael Carkett - Head ofAcademic Staff Development

Learning Support
Catherine Bailey - Clerical Assistant

Faculty of Science
Aylene Clack - Secretarial Assistant-Chaplaincy

Ruth Stiby - HR and Training Co-ordinator

School for Health
Irene Blair - Research Governance Facilitator Dr Rhiannon Buck - Research Fellow Stuart Jones - Health Psychologist Alison Smith - Research Officer-Medical Sciences Rosalind West - Technician

School of Management
Sarah Dixon - Senior Lecturer

Ratrina Aiting Jia - Receptionist Lindsay Tock - Receptionist

Sports Development & Recreation
Jane Amos - Head Receptionist

Students' Union
Sara Collins - Food Beverage Assistant Scarlett Mosnier - Volunteer Officer

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