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Professor Saiful Islam
Professor Saiful Islam

Press Release - 01 July 2008

Chemistry professor wins award for green energy materials

A professor from the University of Bath has been honoured with a prestigious award for his work on green energy materials.

Professor Saiful Islam, from the Department of Chemistry, has received the Francis Bacon Medal Fuel Cell Science & Technology Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The award recognises the development of chemical science and technology which meets the challenge to find cleaner, sustainable sources of energy as the threat of global warming increases and oil stocks begin to reduce.

Professor Islam was chosen for the award following his research into the atomic-scale properties of new solid compounds to help make fuel cells more efficient.

A recent highlight of his work was his paper in the leading journal, Nature Materials (November 2007), on novel materials that use this method.

His research links to current trials in the UK to use chemical fuels, such as hydrogen, to generate power by converting chemical energy directly to electricity, cutting out the polluting combustion stage.

Another is the use of hydrogen fuel in London buses, which produces zero emissions.

Professor Islam said: “I am delighted to receive this award from the Royal Society of Chemistry, and would like to acknowledge my fantastic research group.

“Developing new materials holds the key to better fuel cells for cars and homes, which will help kick the fossil fuel habit and reduce carbon emissions.

“Although I’m a chemist, I don’t wear a white lab coat - instead I use supercomputers to build atomic-structural models to help understand and design novel materials that can be tested in experimental labs. “This award also reflects the growing ‘green technology’ focus at the University of Bath, which is making it a major centre for sustainable energy and chemical research.”

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