New Fitness to Study Policy

Members of the University are advised that, at its meeting on 10 June 2009, Senate approved a Fitness to Study Policy.

There has been a significant increase in students with mental health difficulties in recent years. The new policy provides a clear set of procedures to deal with such matters.

The policy is not restricted to mental health issues, and can be used to address any other issue which results in a student's fitness to study being questioned.

The policy is not designed to address a student’s academic performance, as the University already has procedures to deal with such matters. Rather, it is intended to address the wider student experience and the ability of students to live independently, and with others.

It is envisaged that the latter stages of the policy will only be used in the most serious of cases, and the University’s approach will always be to try to resolve any difficulties through advice and support.

The full policy forms an appendix to the Student Regulations, and is effective from now.

Mark Humphriss, University Secretary

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