Report of University Council Meeting - 2 July 2009

The following items were considered at the recent meeting of University Council:

  • The Potential for Academic Re-organisation
     It was agreed that:

i) the Department of Economics & International Development would be disestablished with effect from 1 August 2009. The Economics Group would be re-designated as the Department of Economics and the International Development Group would be transferred to the Department of Social & Policy Sciences with effect from this date. The title of the Department of Social & Policy Sciences would be reviewed in negotiation with interested parties and any proposed revision submitted to Council and Senate for approval.

ii) the School for Health would be re-designated as the Department of Health within the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences with effect from 1 August 2010;

iii) the role of Dean would be enhanced and the role of Head of the Department re-defined with effect from 1 August 2010 (Proposals 5 and 6 refer);

iv) Proposal 7 in respect of Graduate Schools was approved for implementation with effect from 2010/11.

  • Corporate Planning Statement 2009:
    Council approved the University's Corporate Planning Statement for submission to HEFCE.
  • University's 2009/10 Estimates:
    Council approved the estimates of the University's income and expenditure for 2009/10.
  • Ordinances:
    Council approved amendments to the Ordinances.
  • Risk Management:
    Council approved the Annual Report on Risk Management. This identified the changes in the net risk position of the 33 risk elements outlined in the University's Risk Register and Risk Management Plan. A new version of the Risk Register for the University would be developed alongside the University's Corporate Plan later in the year.
  • Masterplan:
    The University Masterplan remained under consideration by the Bath and North East Somerset Council. Council would receive a further update in October 2009.
  • Wolfson Funding:
    Council congratulated the University on the award of a grant of £175k by the Wolfson Foundation for the development of our clinical pharmacy facility.

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