Swine Flu - Emergency Management Team exercise

The Emergency Management Team yesterday took part in an exercise to simulate the University experiencing significant numbers of cases of swine flu affecting its staff and students.  A senior member of B&NES Public Health team attended and provided helpful observations.

The exercise was set initially in Freshers' Week and members of the Emergency Management Team considered a number of scenarios aimed to increase understanding of the possible impact such a pandemic might have on the University community.

It was assumed that some members of the EMT would themselves be affected by swine flu.  The Vice-Chancellor joined the meeting to consider a number of recommendations for action.

Mark Humphriss, University Secretary, said: "Based on current national patterns, many staff and students could become ill with swine flu in the coming months.

"The exercise simulated the impact this might have on the University and was very valuable in identifying several further actions we can take now to minimise that impact."

The University is working closely with the Medical Centre and monitoring advice from the health authorities.  Its swine flu website will continue to be updated with the latest news over the weeks ahead.

Staff and students being treated for swine flu should follow the notification procedures so that we have an accurate picture of the extent to which the University is being affected.

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