ParkingPlus and Car Park Changes

A number of questions have been raised about the proposed introduction of ParkingPlus and we hope this statement (and revised Questions & Answers) will clarify the situation.

Salary exchange schemes, in general, benefit both individual staff and the University. With the support of the trade unions, the University has therefore encouraged their introduction. PensionPlus has been well-received and we would expect ParkingPlus to also work smoothly.

We considered carefully whether more of the benefit of ParkingPlus could pass to staff. However, B&NES Council, who through the planning process effectively controls changes to the number of parking spaces on the campus, could perceive an effective reduction in the cost of parking as potentially encouraging greater car use.

We have taken great care to ensure that no staff will be disadvantaged by the introduction of ParkingPlus and a Project Board, including trade union representation, is overseeing its introduction.

Staff paid less than £7,500 p.a. will for the first time receive free car parking. No pension entitlements of any staff will be affected.

Further details are set out in the letter sent to staff last month. And the revised Questions & Answers deal with the questions that have since been raised.

Open meetings tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1.15pm in 4 East 3.38 and on 16 October at 12.15pm in 5 West 2.1 provide an opportunity to ask further questions about how the scheme will operate.

Queries or concerns can also be emailed to

The consultation period remains open until 19 October.

Pay & Display charges

Following discussion with the Transport Strategy Consultative Group (TSCG), the pay and display charges are increasing next month for the first time in over five years.

The cost of parking will be £1.00 per hour, which remains one of the most competitive charges in the City of Bath.

This increase has no effect on the payment of staff and student permit prices but will affect visitors to the Campus, where a permit has not been arranged for them.

Introduction of Civil Penalty Notices (CPN)

Those with valid parking permits have increasingly been finding it difficult, on occasions, to park. Abuse by those without parking permits also compromises safety and has resulted in unfairness.

Relying principally on immobilising vehicles has proved unsatisfactory, not least for security staff and users.

For these reasons, an additional sanction of issuing a ‘civil penalty notice’ (CPN) will be available to Security Services staff for drivers who fail to park correctly or park contrary to the parking regulations e.g. without a pay and display ticket or other permit.

This has been approved, following lengthy consideration and discussion with TSCG; an amendment to the Regulations for Students has been approved by Senate.

The CPN scheme will be introduced from the beginning of October and will give the offending driver the opportunity to pay the £60 penalty (reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days), instead of paying a clamp release fee.

Notices will only be issued by Security Services staff; the payment collection and appeals process will be managed by an external contractor, ‘The Car Parking Partnership’, which also manages similar schemes at other universities around the country.

Vehicle immobilisation

Vehicle immobilisation will still be an option for persistent or serious offenders and the release fee will be increased to £80. Further details.

Why make the changes?

These changes are all prompted by a desire to ensure that the car parks serve the University community more effectively.

All income generated from ParkingPlus and car parking charges will continue to be directed to the car parking fund, which is used to improve the roads and car parks as well as for road safety and ‘greener’ transport initiatives.

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