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Clarification about civil penalty notices (parking tickets)

It has become clear that some people think the issuing of the newly introduced parking tickets will be conducted by a contracted company - this is not the case. The notices will be issued by either the University's Security Officers or Parking Wardens and not by outside contractors.

Lecturer launches new translation of poetry in Montreal

Dr Christine Tipper, part-time lecturer and previous European Course Director of ESML’s MA in Interpreting & Translation and MA in Translation & Professional Language Skills programmes was invited to a poetry reading and book signing event in Montreal on 15 October to celebrate the release of her book, Changing Shores, a translation of Canadian poet Nadine Ltaif’s Entre les fleuves.

Children learn drinking habits from their parents and adverts

Richard Velleman (Psychology) has published two reports into what influences children's behaviour and attitude towards alcohol. The research reveals that parents and alcohol's representation in the media have the strongest influence on drinking habits, whereas peers have the least.

Researcher takes part in high-profile exhibition on climate change

Alistair Hunt, a Researcher in Environmental Economics, was invited to participate in the "Prove It!" exhibition at the Science Museum in London. Alistair discussed, on an informal basis with members of the public, how his research on the costs of climate change relates to the objectives of the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen to take place in December.

Assisted dying lecture - Download the podcast

Over 100 people crowded into the lecture theatre on Tuesday evening to hear Lord Joffe speak on ‘Assisted dying; rights, choices and palliative care’.

Assisted dying - First lecture in series proves popular

Over 100 people crowded into the lecture theatre on Tuesday evening to hear Lord Joffe speak on ‘Assisted dying; rights, choices and palliative care’. The lecture is now available to download as a podcast.

Sex, conflicts and cooperation: the family life of birds

A free public lecture will ruffle a few feathers at the University of Bath on Wednesday 11 November, when the family dynamics of birds is revealed to be not quite all it seems.

Report of University Senate Meeting - 21 October 2009

A number of items were considered at the meeting of University Senate that took place on 21 October 2009.

Academic gives evidence to committee scrutinising Child Poverty Bill

Tess Ridge (Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy, Social & Policy Sciences) has given oral evidence to the House of Commons Public Bill Committee, who are scrutinising the The Child Poverty Bill. The Bill, which had its first reading in July, will provide a statutory basis to the commitment made by the Labour Government in 1999 to eradicate child poverty by 2020.

Cake & book sale raises amazing £410 for Macmillan Cancer Support

Monday's cake and book sale on the Parade raised £410 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Matt Stevens hosts entrepreneurial talk for Bath students

Former England and Bath rugby player Matt Stevens is to host a talk for University of Bath student entrepreneurs, at his new café,  on Thursday 29 October.

Buy 10 bus tickets before the offer ends

Buy your 10 journey bus tickets on special offer at STA Travel before both companies reverting to their normal prices after Friday 30 October.

BBC4 quiz show looking for contestants

Only Connect, a quiz show on BBC4 for lateral thinkers, would like to hear from staff and students who want to take part in their next series.

Paris exhibition features ‘virtual balloon flight’ over Bath

Researchers from the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering have just returned from a major exhibition in Paris showcasing their pioneering work that uses computers to visualise how buildings would have looked in the past.

Students: set up shop for a day!

If you’ve watched The Apprentice and thought you could do better, now’s your chance to give it a go!

Settle down with a new book and a slice of cake for Macmillan Cancer Support

There will be delicious homemade cakes and second-hand books for sale today (Monday 26 October) at midday on the Parade.

4 West reaches ‘High Point’ in its development

A special ceremony, dating back thousands of years, took place this week to celebrate a crucial stage in the 4 West building project at the University.

Bath woman who underwent life-changing operations swims the Serpentine

A Bath woman who underwent life-changing hip operations has completed a mile-long swim of the Serpentine.
Victoria Wells found out about the operation from a public lecture at the University of Bath. Her story is featured in a new video released by the University today.

Versatility Netball - Join the league!

People of all abilities are invited to play in the Versatility Netball League, for men and women, this winter. Matches will run continuously on Monday nights throughout the winter. Versatility netball means that anyone can play any position they choose by swapping with another member from their team.

University donors thanked at Charter Day celebrations

Last Saturday, the University held its annual Charter Day, to recognise all those who have so generously made gifts to the University during the past year. More than 1,000 alumni, friends, former staff, companies and charitable trusts were invited.