Bath academic advises top Italian Diplomats

Dr Scott Thomas, Department of European Studies & Modern Languages, has just returned from Italy after speaking at a national conference on international relations and religion.

Dr Thomas was one of three main speakers at the conference in Trento, Italy, addressing how religion impacts the world and how it can be connected to the Government’s efforts to promote understanding and peace.

The results and conclusions of the discussions at the conference are now due to be sent to Italian embassies all over the world.

The conference was organised by the Italian Foreign Ministry, the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Italian Institute for International Politics (ISPI) as part of the Ministry’s attempt to examine how and why religion has been marginalised.

Dr Thomas said “The next step is to firm up the ways in which the Foreign Ministry can be involved in religion. We will be looking at practical ways for the Italian Government and Non-Governmental Organisations to promote dialogue between religions on particular issues and in particular regions of the world.”

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