Bath team selected to present display at Royal Society's Summer Exhibition

A team from the University of Bath has been selected to present a display at the Royal Society's Summer Exhibition, which will mark its 350th anniversary and will be taking place in the Year of Science (2010).

The theme of the display will be 'Living in a Complex World' and has been chosen, along with only 25 others, out of 160 applicants.

Professors Chris Budd (Mathematical Sciences) and Giles Hunt (Mechanical Engineering) will lead the team behind this exhibit, which will involve other academics from the Universities of Bath and Bristol.

The exhibition will use hands-on demonstrations to illustrate that, whilst the world appears to be a very complex place, science can help us to understand it, and that by exploiting this understanding of complexity we can apply science and mathematics to ever diverse applications such as waves in crowds, transport networks, flocking in birds or even the ways that ideas can spread over the Internet.

This event is very high-profile and the team will be the only one representing Mathematics at the exhibition, as well as one of the few to represent Engineering.

The 2010 event is on a much bigger scale than the usual annual summer exhibition - which normally takes place over four days - and will entail nine full days of exhibiting, including two weekends in the summer.

It is predicted that around 30,000 visitors will be present at the event, which is taking place from Saturday 26 June to Monday 5 July 2010.

It will raise the profile of the University of Bath on a national and international level, and will continue in the footsteps of such successful events as the annual Bath Taps Into Science festival, of which the theme last year was ‘Science makes sense of a complex world’. This won the British Science Association Award for the best Science Festival in National Science Week 2009.

More information about the Royal Society and its 350th Anniversary Summer Exhibition.

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