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New PhD studentships in developmental, stem cell biology and neurobiology awarded

The Departments of Biology & Biochemistry and Pharmacy & Pharmacology have been awarded a prestigious doctoral training grant worth almost £400,000 by the Medical Research Council (MRC). With additional support from the University, the grant will fund eight postgraduate students in total, for a period of up to four years.

Bath science café: a close-up on cremation

A day in the life of Haycombe Cemetery and Crematorium is the revealing subject of the next Bath Science Café (7.30pm Monday 8 February in the Raven pub, Queen Street).

Venture capital lowers unemployment, study shows

Readily available venture capital for start-ups lowers both the unemployment rate and the share of long-term unemployed among the total number of unemployed, suggests a study of 20 industrial countries.

Knowledge transfer funds will help businesses cut carbon emissions

A Knowledge Transfer Proof of Concept Award has been given to Professor Peter Reason from the School of Management to help develop ways in which to reduce carbon emissions.

Why wearing a helmet could be bad for a biker’s health

Wearing a crash helmet is essential to a motorcyclist’s safety, but could it actually be harming their health and affecting their riding?

Psychology experiment - win £50

Charlotte McLeod, a PhD Research student, is looking for volunteers:

Learn a foreign language: reduced rates for staff & students

Learn a foreign language and take advantage of the reduced rates offered to staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students! The Foreign Languages Centre has started enrolling for its Spring term language courses on both the community programme and the lunchtime programme.

I'm a scientist, get me out of here!

I'm a scientist, get me out of here! is looking for scientists who want to get children interested in science, without having to leave the lab.

Vacancies for external members of Council

Do you know someone - a friend or relative - who would like to play a key role in the running and future development of one of the UK’s leading universities?

Computer mimics nature by watching TV

Peter Hall and Chris Li (Computer Science) have developed a new program that automatically creates life-like computer animations of trees using video footage of the real thing. This system will make it faster and cheaper for animators and computer games designers to create animated backgrounds that move in a realistic way.

Improving the health, well-being and productivity of the workforce in the South West

An exciting new project to help improve the health, well-being and productivity of the workforce, organised by Dr David Wainwright from the University's School for Health.
Volunteers will look at what makes a good job, how technology has changed the workplace, and how to develop ways in which to promote well-being. The two-day project starts on Wednesday 27 January at Bailbrook House in Bath.

Psychology students to get first virtual lecture

Department of Psychology students will be the first at the University to experience a lecture through the virtual world Second Life. 

Watch Margaret Heffernan launch Bath Entrepreneur in Residence scheme

On 17 November 2009, the Bath Entrepreneur in Residence scheme was launched with a presentation at the School of Management by Margaret Heffernan, a well known and successful entrepreneur.

Buy print copies of Springer e-books held in Library’s collections

The Uni Library is one of the early adopters of Springer e-books, and has full-text access to over 8,000 titles covering several disciplines. In response to academic staff interest, the Library has asked Springer to activate their MyCopy initiative. This offers University of Bath Library users the chance to purchase high quality, paperbound versions of Springer e-books featuring in the Library’s collections, at a cost of 24.95 euro each.

Visit of the Hong Kong Institute for Higher Education

The President of the Hong Kong Institution of Education (HKIEd), Professor Anthony B.L. Cheung, and a small group of delegates met with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Kevin Edge, yesterday (21 January).

Public lecture explores genes that jump

Stephen Bush, University of Bath PhD student, is giving the first of a new series of public lectures on research at the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution (BRLSI) on Thursday 4 February.

Cancer drug passes clinical development milestones

An anti-cancer drug designed by researchers in Pharmacy & Pharmacology, which is being developed by the pharmaceutical company Ipsen, has made important clinical progress. The drug BN83495 has started Phase I trials for advanced breast cancer and Phase II trials for endometrial (womb) cancer. The drug has also entered trials in castrate-resistant prostate cancer and Ipsen plans to extend the clinical programme to include ovarian cancers in the near future.

Taster sessions in online learning

A chance to try out a new online mangement course before enrolling. Taster sessions for the Professional Skills Management Course are being held at the Claverton Campus on Wednesday 24 February between 6pm and 8pm, and on Saturday 27 February between 10am and 12noon.

Swap sandwiches for languages at lunchtime

New lunchtime language classes run by the University of Bath will offer city centre workers something different to do at lunchtime.

New technique to track transmission of super-bug MRSA

Dr Ed Feil (Biology & Biochemistry) is part of a world-wide collaboration of scientists who have developed a new technique that can pinpoint the source of infections such as the super-bug MRSA to a single hospital ward. Their results have been published in the prestigious journal, Science. This technique can also be used to trace the transmission of the disease between hospitals throughout the world, informing healthcare systems on how best to prevent future outbreaks.