Knowledge Transfer Account helps to develop life-saving anti-bacterial coating

A new project has begun in the Department of Chemistry to develop an anti-bacterial coating that could be used in healthcare and other markets with the potential to save money and even lives.

Dr Toby Jenkins has been awarded a Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) Proof of Concept funding to further develop his anti-bacterial coating technique. He has also been awarded an incoming Knowledge Transfer Fellowship so that expertise on regulatory compliance can be transferred from industry to the University. 

This new Knowledge Transfer Project is the latest result of the University's Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) which was launched in October.

The anti-microbial thin films are easily applied to filters, fabrics, consumer goods and medical devices. The advantages of this technology are that it allows the precise and cost effective deposition of an anti-microbial polymer on the surfaces of nearly any material, including complex, three-dimensional structures. The result is not only a highly efficient anti-microbial surface, but also unprecedented ease-of-use and cost effectiveness. 

There are multiple opportunities for the commercialisation of this technology, particularly due to the rise in hospital acquired infections such as MRSA.  

Sean Smith, the Technology Transfer Manager who is responsible for the commercial development of this technology on behalf of Bath Ventures, said: "Apart from the KTA funding the further development of this novel technology, this award helps to address the risks associated with the commercialisation of any technology in regulated markets.  By gaining early insights and expertise on the regulatory landscape, we anticipate that our commercial partners will benefit from reduced regulatory risks and expedited market entry." 

Dr Denise Cooke, the KTA Project Manager added: "This project demonstrates how the Knowledge Transfer Account can enhance the societal and economic benefits of the research at Bath."

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