Implementing proposals for re-organisation: Transfer to Faculty-focused administrative model - Completion of Phase One

Message from Alison Price - Chair of the Working Group on Business Processes

Phase One of the transfer to the faculty-focused model for administration has been completed.

This consisted of mapping the fundamental processes that support the student lifecycles at undergraduate and postgraduate level to agree a standard model for those activities to be undertaken at departmental level and those that will be focused at Faculty level.

In addition, discussions have taken place as to whether there should be any changes to the division of responsibilities between the Faculty/School and central professional services departments. The aim being to achieve a common and more efficient distribution of administrative responsibilities across the University.

The findings of Phase One were considered and approved by the Vice-Chancellor’s Group on 14 December 2009.

The core processes which will be undertaken by the Faculties and continue to be undertaken by the School of Management include:

  • processing of postgraduate applications to the point of final University confirmation to the applicant;
  • administering and processing support for undergraduate students and postgraduate students (through the Graduate School);
  • confirming progression and award decisions;
  • ensuring the quality management of University programmes and awards;
  • supporting placement activity;
  • supporting web design and maintenance;
  • supporting the majority of financial processes;
  • supporting marketing activity.

The processing of undergraduate selection decisions will be undertaken at University level from 2011/12.

There will be a phased implementation starting from the 2010/11 admissions cycle. The new processes will operate in full from the 2011/12 cycle. Departments/target groups will continue to be able to specify the criteria used for selection by the central team.


The responsibility for taking forward this model now shifts to the Faculties/Schools. The Deans have been asked to start work on preparation for transition to the model (Phase Two).

A key aspect of this preparation is the development of a future staffing plan for the Faculty/School. This will be subject to normal consultation procedures and will be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor's Group for approval on 1 March 2010.

Each Dean will be supported by members of the Working Group on Business Processes and their Director of Administration.

Having received over sixty applications and interviewed a very strong field of internal and external candidates for the posts of Director of Administration in the Faculties, I am delighted to announce the following appointments:

  • Faculty of Engineering & Design - Lucie Pursell
  • Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences - Ann-Marie Hartland
  • Faculty of Science - Amanda Harper

All started in their new roles on 18 January 2010. One of their early tasks will be to assist the Dean with development of the future staffing plan for their Faculty.

A further web update on progress with transition to the new model will be provided at the start of Phase Three (Implementation). The timescale for this final phase of work is 1 April to 30 June 2010.

In the meantime, any specific queries regarding Phase Two within each Faculty/School should be addressed to the relevant Dean.

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