Swine flu update: Withdrawal of absence recording system

It has been confirmed that the number of new swine flu cases continues to fall and the National Pandemic Flu Service, which was set up to ease pressure on GPs and the NHS, was discontinued on 11 February 2010.

We have also decided to suspend our University swine flu-specific website, email and absence recording systems for staff and students.

We will, of course, keep the position under review in the event of further pandemic activity and we'll advise you should the position change.

In withdrawing the swine flu reporting systems for staff and students please note:

  • Staff should continue to notify their line manager of any illness absence in the normal way, but managers will not be required to report swine flu absence to this office.
  • Students are no longer required to declare their swine flu absence details on SAMIS but should, as usual, inform their departments of absences in accordance with Regulations for Students 3.4.

The latest advice for anyone who thinks they may have swine flu symptoms is to stay at home and contact their GP, who will be able to advise and authorise antivirals if needed.

GPs will also be able to advise on swine flu vaccinations.

Further information and health advice can be obtained from NHS Direct, tel: 0845 4647.

New staff and students should ensure they register with a doctor. Residents in the Bath area may register with the University Medical Centre.

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