Student sets up online ethical beauty magazine

An engineering student at the University of Bath has turned her passion for ethical beauty into an online magazine.

Rebecca Margetts, a first year Engineering PhD researcher, set up Guerrilla Beauty, an holistic beauty, diet and fitness website for people interested in an ethical lifestyle.

The site gives advice on organic and ethical products and aims to educate women and demystify the beauty and food industries, by providing well-researched and thought-provoking articles that don’t baffle the reader with scientific jargon. 

Rebecca set up the magazine after attending a ‘How to build a website yourself’ course organised by the Division for Lifelong Learning at the University of Bath and run by Joe Buchanan.

Rebecca said: "Joe was a brilliant trainer because he showed us website techniques without using jargon. I was able to go away and within a week create my website 

“It's a great workshop for people not used to web design to create a site themselves."

Joe uses electronic media to enhance higher education courses, and has worked in web-focused roles in the publishing, charity and education sectors.

He said “Many people don’t realise that there are ways to use readily available template-based online services to help you build your own website. You don’t have to start from scratch. This not only saves you money but, more importantly, development time.

“Ultimately, you’ll be able to get your product or service to market quicker and start making online sales.”

Delia Slucutt, of the Division for Lifelong Learning, said: “These days most businesses thrive better when they make the most of the internet’s potential.

“The first step is often establishing a presence for information purposes, but now you can more easily embrace online sales and link websites to social media. 

“However, use of external consultants can be costly and more businesses are becoming wise to the fact that with the new technology available, they can produce high quality websites inexpensively.”   

The next ‘Build your own website’ workshop will be held on 4 March between 10am and 3pm at Carpenter House in Bath city centre and will cost £43 (including a buffet lunch).

Anyone wanting to book a place or needing further information should go to the website or email the division. 

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