Human-powered sub to appear on Gadget Show

A human-powered submarine built by students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering will be featured in the Gadget Show on Monday 15 March at 8pm on Channel 5.

Gadget Show presenter Suzi Perry tried out the SeaBomb, designed and built by students from the Bath University Racing Submarine Team (BURST) for the International Submarine Races in Washington DC three years ago.

Having got to grips with powering it, she raced against BURST's more recent submarine, named Sulis, in the University's 25m pool.

Both submarines use nature for inspiration, being powered by fish-like fins instead of conventional propellers.

This year's BURST team are now working on a new design with which they will compete in the 11th International Submarine Races in 2011.

You can watch the show online after it's broadcast by visiting the Gadget Show website.

Suzi from the Gadget Show prepares to race SeaBomb (left) against Sulis

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