Update to yesterday's power supply interruptions

Western Power have advised the Department of Estates that they had an HV cable fault halfway up Widcombe Hill at 4.53pm yesterday. The cable was fed from Dorchester Street in Bath which also feeds power to the University. All power was restored by 6pm.

The campus experienced several 'blips' in the electrical power supply, with loss of power for several seconds. The campus is served by several feeds from the grid and alternative feeds came on line, as intended. 

Off campus, Claverton, the Sulis Club and the Medical Centre lost supply. Woodland Court electrical system shut down on low voltage and had to be reset.

Departments who are reliant on fridge, freezer and sensitive equipment should check that equipment has restarted as some equipment is designed to trip-out until reset. 

The Estates green button should be used for routine items, the Emergency number is 3232.

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