Nick Mitchell talks about cloud research project on Radio 4

Nick Mitchell (Electronic & Electrical Engineering) will be on BBC Radio 4's Material World programme on Thursday 12 August at 4.30pm.

He'll be talking about his project with cloud-spotter John Rowlands to study noctilucent clouds as part of a feature for the programme.

The feature, called “So you want to be a scientist?”, pairs up four would-be scientists with professional scientists to investigate a topic of their choice and learn more about the scientific process. 

Nick and John have been using the University's radar station in Sweden to monitor how temperature in the upper atmosphere affects the occurence of noctilucent clouds, a type of cloud only seen at night.

Cloud-spotters from around the world have been following their progress on their Facebook site, and reporting where and when they have seen the clouds.

Nick said: "The project's gone really well, with nearly 600 followers on Facebook spotting clouds for us around the UK and Europe.

"The data we've collected show that when the temperature in the upper atmosphere drops, the clouds are more likely to appear. This means that we can, to some extent, predict when they will form."

The pair will be presenting their final results in front of a panel at the British Science Festival in Birmingham on 14 September.

They hope to continue the project next year, to investigate their findings further.

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