Student wins international design award for innovative showel gel bottle

A PhD student has won two international product design challenges, designing an eco-friendly shower gel for men and easy-to-use incontinence pants.

Charlie Ranscombe is currently in the second year of his PhD Product Design & Brand Recognition in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

For the first challenge, entitled 'A hardworking, authentic clean for hardworking, authentic men!', he designed a novel shower gel bottle in the shape of an hourglass that wastes less product and is a design that appeals to male consumers.

He also entered a second challenge entitled 'Open and re-closable fastening system', designing easier and more convenient to use incontinence pants.

Challenges are set by 'seeker' companies and announced through InnoCentive, a company that deals with improving concepts and product designs. Designers are awarded cash prizes in exchange for the rights to use the designs.

Charlie is pleased with his overall designs. He said: “I did my undergraduate degree here at Bath in Innovation and Engineering design. These challenges have offered me a great way to use my skills and training as a designer which I learnt during my undergraduate degree but don’t get to use in my role as a researcher.

“The recognition from winning these awards demonstrates my skills as a designer to potential employers. Most importantly I enjoy the challenge, especially when there is a cash reward at the end of it!”

He has won $5,000 for his shower accessory design and $1,500 for his incontinence product design. He is already continuing to submit design ideas to various other challenges set by design bodies.

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