VC's message to staff about Staff Survey 2011

Dear Colleague,

‘Your Survey – Your Say’

In 2007 we undertook a survey designed to find out how staff felt about working at the University. We said we would repeat the survey periodically so that we could measure our progress and that time has now come; so I am writing to ask if you could spare a few minutes to complete the questionaire when you receive it next week.

Our staff are central to achieving our objectives and maintaining our excellence as a leading university. The University needs talented people and we want to make sure we continue to attract the best recruits and to improve the quality of working life of all employees. We, therefore, need to know what you think about working here.

Gathering information about the issues that affect you is very important to us, particularly at a time of such change in the higher education sector. I very much hope that you will take the time out of your working day to make your views known by participating in this survey.

As in 2007, the survey has been designed by an independent consultancy. Following a rigorous assessment and tendering process, Capita were selected. Their survey is now in widespread use across the higher education sector which means the consultants will be able to benchmark our results against those of other similar institutions.

The survey opens on Monday 14 March 2011 and will run for four weeks until Monday 11 April 2011. Your questionnaire will be sent to you either electronically from Capita Surveys & Research or, for those without regular access to an email account, in paper form with a reply paid envelope.

At first glance the questionnaire may look quite lengthy but is very easy to complete and should take around 20 minutes. Themes the survey covers include: job satisfaction; learning and development; culture and values; managing change; communications; work environment; pay and conditions; health, safety and welfare; and harassment and bullying.

It is important to stress that this survey is completely anonymous. Your reply will never be linked to you as an individual and at no time will the University be able, or indeed try, to access individual responses.

We will take the results of this survey very seriously and use them to inform future initiatives. We will also make sure we share the results of the survey with all of you.

Whatever your role, please ensure that your voice is heard and help shape your place of work in the future by completing and returning the questionnaire.

Thank you for reading this and thank you in advance for your help.

Professor Glynis Breakwell DL

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