Vice-Chancellor launches University's new People Strategy

The Vice-Chancellor addressed a group of leaders, managers and staff from across the University on Wednesday 9 March in launching the University's new People Strategy.

Professor Breakwell spoke about the challenges for the University for the next four years within a more rapidly changing environment and the critical importance of every member of staff to the University's current and future success within this environment.

She emphasised the importance of the new People Strategy for all staff and how it is focused on developing and retaining the staff that the University needs.

Peter Eley, Deputy Director of HR, explained the new strategy, how it had been created and how it will be used to improve practice and to develop and retain high quality staff into the future.

The new People Strategy applies to every leader, manager and member of staff across the University. It sets out three strategic aims for the next four years through to 2013/14:

To develop, recognise and value:

  1. An engaged, diverse and high quality workforce, who are led and supported to realise their potential and achieve the highest standards.
  2. Our capacity for adaptability to change and ongoing improvement.
  3. High quality leadership and management.

The new strategy sets out a range of desired outcomes linked to each of the strategic aims, which the University will work towards achieving over the coming four years.

The VC launches the People Strategy

The Staff Survey, which opens today (Monday 14 March) will provide feedback on what the gaps are between what is in the new strategy and the practice across the University.

This will be used to develop an action plan to improve practice towards what is set out in the new People Strategy.

The new People Strategy is available in PDF format and can also be accessed from the Office of Policy & Planning webpages.

The presentation slides used at the launch are available online.

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