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Visitors from India spend a week in Bath

A high-level delegation from the Faculty of Science at St Xavier’s College in Mumbai, one of our partner institutions, visited campus this week.

Over 260 alumni & friends gather to reminisce at annual gathering

The annual Alumni Reunion took place last weekend with those attending celebrating the 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th or 45th anniversary of their graduation. The day was a huge success: alumni and their guests were welcomed by Vice-Chancellor Professor Glynis Breakwell, took a guided tour of the campus and heard how teaching has changed since 1985. There was also plenty of opportunity to reminisce with old classmates; and an evening in Bath city centre, re-visiting old haunts and paying tribute to former student years, proved a popular end to the day.

Travel Survey – 2,443 responses but we’d like to hear from more people!

The 2010/11 Travel Survey has so far received 2,443 completed responses, but to get as full a picture as possible of the views of staff and students, we are extending the deadline to Friday 20 May.

Inaugural lecture: Crystals, particles & powders

Professor Rob Price will be delivering his inaugural lecture on Wednesday 18 May on his research in the field of aerosol science.

Workshop celebrates 100th anniversary of superconductivity

An international workshop held in Bath last week celebrated the 100th anniversary of the discovery of superconductivity by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes in Leiden in 1911.

Great Western Research (GWR) shortlisted for Impact Award

Great Western Research (GWR), of which the University of Bath is a part, has been shortlisted for a Collaborative Impact Award.

Winners of University's Arts & Media Awards

The University celebrated its vibrant arts and media scene at the annual Arts & Media Awards. The evening was introduced by Vice-Chancellor Professor Glynis Breakwell and 15 students were delighted to receive awards in front of more than 150 guests.

Computer Science moves to East Building on 3 May

Over £100,000 of computing equipment, including £25,000 of specialist equipment and a 6 terabyte server, is being installed to support Computer Science's three new teaching labs. In addition there are seminar and meeting rooms with smart whiteboards, lecture rooms with the latest audio-visual facilities, several comfortable social areas and brand new specialised research labs, one equipped with green-screen and cameras, another with digital audio facilities and a third for experimental work on interaction.

Bath student wins Google award at Lovelace Colloquium

Eleanor Mitchell (Computer Science) has won the Google Excellence Award for Best First Year Undergraduate Poster at the 2011 BCSWomen Undergraduate Lovelace Colloqium held in Birmingham on Thursday 14 April.

Barking business plan has big future

Baran Ceylan and Matt Manders have big plans for their business after there company which aims to reduce the cost of keeping track of treasured possessions, won a national competition.

Powering light – photovoltaic and LED lighting solutions

An event taking place at the University of Bath on Thursday 12 May will address the ways in which the technologies of light are set to have a huge impact on the green economy. Booking is required, University of Bath staff and students can attend for free, please see full article for registration details.

Gerald Walters Memorial Lecture - 40th Anniversary

Leading architectural historian Dr Simon Thurley will present the 40th Anniversary Gerald Walters Memorial Lecture on Wednesday 18 May at the University.

New Catering Requisition screen on Agresso

The Agresso team have worked with Accommodation & Hospitality Services to develop a new custom made requisition screen to make ordering internal catering much easier than in the past. Please use the Catering Requisition screen to order catering in future (and not the Advanced Requisition screen.)

University research in pictures

A free exhibition in central Bath is set to display images of research at the University of Bath and show how research results impact on our daily lives.

Vice-Chancellor appointed to the ESRC Council

The University of Bath’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Glynis Breakwell, has been appointed as a new member of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

The Off Campus Prize - technical problems with nomination forms


Bath Science Café: What the Large Hadron Collider will (not) tell us about the universe?

The Bath Science Café on Monday 9 May 2011 will focus on the much-publicised Large Hadron Collider.

Student named Mayor of Bath's Citizen of the Year

Naomi Mackrill, a third year chemistry student, has been named as one of eight Mayor of Bath's Citizen of the Year 2011.

University Travel Survey 2010/11 launched

We have recently launched a Travel Survey to find out how staff and students usually travel to campus.

Scientists unveil ‘switch’ that could help design new vaccines and treatments for auto-immune diseases

Researchers have determined a new structure of an important complex in the human immune system that could be the key to designing vaccines and treatments for autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis.