Staff Survey 2011: Institutional Report

The outcomes of the Staff Survey 2011 were presented to Council yesterday afternoon. 84 per cent of respondents think the University of Bath is a good place to work.

Overall, Capita's analysis of the responses shows more colleagues have a positive view of the University than in 2007 when the last survey was undertaken.   

Attributes eliciting positive responses include:

  • Understanding of expectations and standards, and having clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Equality and diversity, including the University respecting different people equally and acting fairly in relation to recruitment, development opportunities and career progression as well as staff being aware of issues and policy.
  • Job satisfaction, including staff feeling trusted and enjoying their work, having the opportunity to use their initiative and abilities, and finding their work varied and interesting.
  • Staff having sufficient work space and this being clean, comfortable and not too noisy.
  • Line managers, including them being approachable, supportive, respecting and valuing them, being available when needed and having sufficient authority to make decisions.
  • The University offers good holiday and sick pay entitlements and pension schemes.
  • The quality of service delivered by their department or service and the University.
  • Support from work colleagues and people being willing to help each other.
  • Staff feeling they belong to a team and feeling part of their department or service as well as feeling valued by their colleagues, and students and customers.
  • Staff being able to access learning and development opportunities.

Areas where colleagues feel there could be improvement include:

  • Workload and bureaucracy
  • Doing more to help staff prepare for and cope with change; not managing change well within the University; not planning, communicating and explaining recent changes; and ensuring change delivers business improvements
  • Different parts of the University not communicating effectively with each other and the lack of good co-operation between different departments/services, as well as communications between senior management and staff not being effective.
  • Staff not having a place where they can go for rest at work.
  • The University not doing a good job of retaining its most talented people.
  • Staff not feeling valued by the University. 

These aspects fall into three distinct themes and institutional champions have been identified to lead improvements in these key areas:

  • Workload and bureaucracy (Alison Price, Academic Registrar);
  • Management of change (Ian Cheetham, Director of Human Resources);
  • Communication (Will Marsh, Head of Corporate Communications).

Executive Committee has approved an action plan outlining the steps that will be taken in response to the 2011 Survey.

Capita's Executive Summary, Institution Report, and Benchmarking Report, and our own Action Plan, are all available electronically.

Hard copies of the Executive Summary will be made available within departments where colleagues have limited access to pc’s. The full Capita Institutional Report will also be available from the Library.

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